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Is your facility handicapped accessible?

There are many areas that are accessible. On one side of the creek, we have sidewalks, and the restrooms, which are located in the main exhibit building are handicapped accessible.  On the other side of the creek there are still some gravel paths that may be more challenging for you.  However, we often hear that it was doable.  The petting barn on that side is concrete.  And there are no steps on the property.  In addition, the Daniel Boone Cabin is accessible with a parking lot next to the cabin, and a ramp going inside.


We believe that even if you can’t access everything, you should be able to see most of the exhibits and will be able to enjoy your visit. It is a top priority as we continue to grow and expand to work diligently in making all paths & areas easily accessible. 


Can I purchase tickets online?

At this time we do not sell tickets online. All admission tickets are sold in person at our admissions counter.


Can we feed the animals?

Yes! Many of the animals can be fed animal food which is available for purchase.


Do you take donations of produce?

Yes! Our animals eat a LOT of produce, and we will gladly accept donations of fruits & vegetables if you have an abundance you would like to share. However, you must contact us to set up a time to drop them off, and we do not allow you to bring them in to feed during your visit. We will use them within our feeding program.


How long should I plan our visit to last?

The length of your visit can vary greatly because of each person’s personal interests, but on average many people usually are here 2-3 hours. A very few people go through quickly and will only take 1-1.5 hours. But the majority will linger and stay 3-5 hours. And if you bring a picnic and want to just enjoy the day, you can stretch your visit into a full day.

Can we get into the creek?

We are all about having fun in nature. You are welcome (at your own risk) to get into the creek and splash around, hunt for crawdads, water snakes and other critters, or just cool off.

May I bring outside food and drinks?

We offer cold drinks, snacks such as ice cream, slushies, chips, jerky and candy, and greatly appreciate any purchases you make here since all of the proceeds go towards taking the best care of our animals and the wildlife park. But we do also allow outside food to be brought in.


Can I re-enter if I leave?

With your admission you will receive a hand stamp which is good for the entire day, so you may leave and re-enter until we close at 5:00 p.m.


Can I bring a stroller or wagon?

Yes! You may bring your stroller or wagon.


Do you have a picnic area?

Yes, picnic tables are scattered around the grounds.


Do you have a lost & found?

Yes. You can ask for the lost & Found in the Gift Shop


Can I bring my pet or service dog?

For the safety of our animals and guests, we ask that you leave your pets at home. The most well-behaved pet can react to unfamiliar animals in unexpected ways. And even the scent of a dog may cause our animals to be frightened and cause unnecessary stress.


Service dogs as defined by the ADA are welcome. See Zoo Manners for details.

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