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more about field trips

Thank you for your interest in making WWA your field trip destination this season! Field trips are designed for school groups, home-school co-ops, and adult care facilities. We will open on March 27 , and our hours are Wednesday - Sunday 10-5. The sooner you book your trip, the more likely you are to get your desired date and time!


General information:

  • There is a group minimum of 15 people.

  • Reservations are required

Field trip pricing for 2024 is as follows:

  • $10/person (including parents only if they pre-pay through the school)

  • The teachers of each grade are admitted FREE

  • All other chaperones and homeschool parents are $10 admission each*

  • Bus drivers' admissions are FREE

Payment for the entire group must be made upon arrival. The school may pay with a credit/debit card with an added fee of 3% to cover the credit processing fees. Or you are welcome to pay with a school check or cash with no fee added.

​* PLEASE NOTE: - Anyone that pays individually upon entrance will be charged the regular admission fees.


Your field trip will include:

  • Wildlife Show (About 15 minutes)

  • Animal food - 1 cup for each person, to enhance interaction with the animals

  • Parakeet Encounter with one bird seed stick per person to enhance interaction with the birds

  • Time on your own to explore the animals

  • Walk to & self-guided tour of Daniel Boone's last home in Kentucky

  • Playground time to expend additional energy

  • Picnic areas for lunch. You are welcome to bring sack lunches.

  • Access to small splash pad and creek if permission is granted by teachers

  • Students may shop in the gift shop with chaperones.


About snacks & gifts 

We do have a gift shop with snacks, ice cream, slushies, toys etc. Some schools like to add a small ice cream or slushy as an added treat, and some let the students shop in the gift shop.


If you’d like to add a treat to your field trip feel free to let us know in advance. If you wish to let the students shop, you can let them know to bring some money with them. If you plan to let them shop, all we ask is that the chaperones are diligent in helping maintain order while the students are in the gift shop.


Thank you for your interest in taking a field trip to WWA! We hope to see you soon!

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